Our Story:

Our company started off as a small meditation practice in 2012, that has grown into what is known  today as "HolisticGi Wellness." 


Through our commitment we have found that not only our lives have been transformed; but the lives of many of  our clientele throughout the years. 

"HolisticGi" is a brand that focuses on bringing out the best in every individual that comes in contact with us; whether is physical, personal, spiritual, or self-fulfillment. We will be there to accompany you through your journey to meet your best self. 

The many services that we provide range from: 

* Massage Therapy


* Ontological Coaching

* Reiki

* Akashic Readings

* Yoga/Mindfulness

* Or simply just a consultation,  "HolisticGi" is the place to be. 



Santa Giselle is a Karuna Ki Reiki Master, an Ontological Coach, and a

Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist. Beginning in 2012, Santa

Giselle began her holistic journey of assisting people to unlock their

inner power with practical and sustainable guidance in areas focused

on health, healing, and spiritual alignment. Santa Giselle, is also a Yoga

Instructor and utilizes the practice of meditation, allowing individuals

to connect to their higher power and expand their awareness.

Prior to becoming a holistic practitioner, Santa Giselle earned her

Bachelors in Criminal Justice from Long Island University in New York

and her Masters Degree in Legal Studies. She spent almost two

decades in the human service field working with individuals suffering

from mental health issues, drug addictions, alcoholism,

dysfunctional/criminal behaviors, low self-esteem, and childhood

traumas. Thanks to her experience, Santa now knows that her life’s

mission is to radically commit to physical, emotional, and spiritual

health, and to be of service to others with natural techniques proven

to successfully heal lives.