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Our Story:

Our company started off as a small meditation practice in 2012, that has grown into what is known  today as "HolisticGi Wellness." 


Through our commitment we have found that not only our lives have been transformed; but the lives of many of  our clientele throughout the years. 

"HolisticGi" is a brand that focuses on bringing out the best in every individual that comes in contact with us; whether is physical, personal, spiritual, or self-fulfillment. We will be there to accompany you through your journey to meet your best self. 

The many services that we provide range from: 

* Massage Therapy


* Ontological Coaching

* Reiki

* Akashic Readings

* Yoga/Mindfulness

* Or simply just a consultation,  "HolisticGi" is the place to be. 

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