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Welcome to HolisticGi Wellness

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Visit our HolisticGiWellness location in Monroe, N.C. We are here to serve our community by providing physical and mental ease. 

A place away from the chaos everyday life, with our personalize assessment we can create a treatment that is suitable to your needs. 

We offer medical therapeutic massages to target acute and chronic conditions. We specialize on treating lower back, neck, shoulders pain, alignment issues, plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve, temporomandibular joint dysfunction(TMJ), and much more. 

Stop by our location to get a full assessment and a solution to your pain. 

Massage Services: 

* Medical Massage                                                    

* Swedish Massage                                                    

* Deep Tissue Massage                                            

* Prenatal Massage (all trimester)                              

* Neuromuscular Massage

* Lymphatic Drainage

* Loomi Loomi

* Acupressure

* Oncology Massage

Upgrade Services: 

- Himalayan Salt Stones 

- Gua Sha

- Cupping

- Minty Scalp Massage

- Foot/Hand Exfoliation 

- Hot Stones

- Healing Therapy

- Aromatherapy

Others Services: 

*Akashic Records Readings

* Usui Reiki

* Energy Healing

* Coaching

* Meditation








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