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Massages for relaxation

Your Sanctuary for Holistic Wellness

Welcome to HolisticGi

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Board Approved therapists
Board Approved therapists

Discover a world of inner harmony, physical vitality, and emotional balance.



Escape the stresses of daily life and treat yourself to a massage at our holistic studio. We offer a range of massages that will help you find balance and promote healing in both your body and mind. Our experienced therapists will provide a tailored massage experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, reinvigorated, and ready to take on the day.

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Energy Sessions

Indulge in our Energy Sessions and experience a renewed sense of wellness. Our holistic approach focuses on balancing your energy centers, promoting healing and reducing stress. Our practitioners are trained professionals who will work with you to design a personalized session that meets your unique needs.

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Our Beauty Treatments are designed to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and looking your best. Our team of skilled therapists are dedicated to providing personalized services that cater to your individual needs. We offer a range of treatments from facials to hair removal, so you can feel confident and beautiful from head to toe.

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Immerse yourself in our soulful and transformative classes and workshops with us. Our experienced healers will guide you through a variety of techniques, from meditation to energy healing, to help you find inner peace and balance. All our classes and workshops are designed to promote healing and well-being, so you can leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Santa Giselle owner of HolisticGi Wellness

Giselle's personal journey led her to discover the diverse paths to holistic wellness. Her own experience and dedication to this journey inspired the creation of HolisticGi. She believes that there are many ways to find healing and well-being, and she's here to help you find your unique path.


"Santa Giselle is an awesome massage therapist, very knowledgeable and caring!
She has helped me recover from a fall from a horse and has given massages to my family members as well! I highly recommend her!"


"Gigi is an amazing healer and massage therapist! She has so many skills in different areas of massage that I am always learning something new in each of her sessions. I love how she tailors the massage to fit my needs and focus areas and spends the perfect amount of time on each area of need. She always has an inviting personality and is a great listener if you want to talk. I would go see her every week if I could! She's the best!!"


"Santa is an extremely talented massage therapist! She has always been able to help me with my back issues and sciatic pain. I always come in stiff and leave feeling so much better. Her environment is very relaxing and professional."

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